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About Us

Miss American Diamonds

Is a Christian faith-based pageant program, launched in 2013, and was a National Pageant program for young ladies, of all ages. In 2022, Miss American Diamonds switched gears by offering a pageant program for women in various industries. It has the same principles that offer a pageant where every participant has the same opportunity to win. If you enjoy being in the spotlight- modeling, singing, dancing, acting, public speaking, being a leader or just want to be a part of a positive pageant program--then you’ve signed up for the right pageant program. 


We hope you find our pageant program a fun way to meet new friends, enhance your confidence, and gain valuable social skills that you can use throughout your life. We believe that YOU ARE THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS. Miss American Diamonds is seeking participants who are everyday women, leaders among their peers, and those who want to let the DIAMOND that GOD placed in them to shine bright and sparkle in all they do! At American Diamonds, we empower each woman to be themselves: radiant, confident, courageous, and to shine bright as God created them to.


We are excited to be awarding some great prizes. We encourage you to start preparing today. Scoring is based on an individual’s personality, poise, confidence, and sincere desire to represent Miss American Diamonds and our mission to uncover and discover the DIAMOND that GOD placed inside of her.  Our main competitions include an interview, elegant wear, community service, on-stage question, and personal introduction. 


During the quest for the crown, you will have the opportunity to meet business owners in the community, make new friends, and build character, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Whether you aspire to be…a journalist, model, business professional, or a marine biologist


Miss American Diamonds is here to help you conquer your dreams!

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