National Competition


(Interview + Elegant Wear + Introduction + Community Service + On Stage Question + Personal Introduction Scores) 


Contestants will speak with a panel of judges or one on one with each pageant judge for 3-6 minutes.

(Little Miss 4-7, Pre-Teen 8-11, Jr. Teen 12-14, Teen 15-18, Jr. Miss 19-24, Mrs./Ms. 25 & Up)

Elegant Wear:

Contestants may choose the type, style and color of their dress. The dress should be age appropriate. 

Community Service:

Donate at least five toiletry items at pageant check-in (donations will be donated to various charities selected by National Queens.)

On-Stage Question:

Each contestant will be asked an age appropriate question on stage. Questions are peer generated. 


The contestant’s introduction should be creative and informative and no longer than 30 seconds. The contestant should include her name and ambitions.

Optional Competitions:

Bling-Bling Wear:

Participants may wear anything from a high fashion off-the-rack outfit to a custom blinged-out suit. 


Diamond in the Rough Wear:

Participants may wear anything from jeans to a party dress. 



Participants may submit natural photo(s): color or black & white photo(s), either a 5x7 or 8x10 at check-in. 

Portfolio Print Model:

Participants must submit a minimum of 3 photos but no more than 12 photos. These photos should be submitted portfolio style. 


Participants talent must be no more than two minutes and performed on stage during the pageant.

Sample Portfolio Print Model Collection