We are not in every state, yet… but we want every state to be represented at Nationals.

Miss American Diamonds' state and regional title are available for any young lady age 4 and older from any state. 

There are three ways to join us at Nationals. 

Option 1: Compete at a State/Regional Pageant

Option 2: Apply for an Appointed Queen Title

Yep you are a Queen...

  • You will be recognized at Nationals during pageant weekend. 

  • Each selected Appointed Queen will receive the official state crown, and sash.

  • Appointed Queens are required to pay the $495 or $795 sponsorship fee.

Here's how to apply:

  • Fill out the Registration Form

  • Participate in a 15 minute phone interview

Next Steps:

  • Review and signed participant's agreement and submit the $200 non refundable State/Regional Appointed Queen fee.

  • Submit State/Regional Deposit fee of $147.50 or National Entry Deposit fee of $297.50.

  • The state crown and sash will be mailed to you once your fee is paid in full.

Option 3: Bypass Options 1 & 2 and come straight to Nationals and compete with a $690 entry fee.

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