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Best Practices

Examples of Appearances:

  • Parades

  • Other Pageants

  • Fashion Shows

  • Festivals

  • Special Events (where you are not volunteering)


Appearances Serve Three Purposes:

1. They are FUN.
2. Public Relations: making appearances on behalf of the pageant system you are representing.
3. Make an impact and serve: by working, speaking and interacting with people.
The best appearances happen when you accomplish all three of these purposes in one event


Tips for a Successful Pageant Appearance:

Always get pictures taken with your camera. You may never find the pictures from the hired photographer.

Always keep business cards or autograph cards handy and pass them out!

Refrain from using profanity, or any sort of foul moodiness, even when you think no one is looking.

Remember to let your sash show in the picture!


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